The Accessory to Make Wearing YOUR IWB Holstered Gun Comfortable

Is the main reason you don't carry concealed because it's too uncomfortable? Holster Partner'sTrade Mark new product "The Body Shield" has been designed to eliminate the discomfort caused by pinch points from the weapon. It attaches easily and works with most holsters for carrying concealed.

Makes Carrying Concealed Comfortable

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You Tube Video Featuring The Body Shield

  • 1. Remove and unload weapon before starting

  • 2. Lay out pieces

  • 3. Holster unloaded weapon and position it completely on pad

  • 4. Position Loop strip to locate where it attaches to holster

  • 5. Wipe holster with dry cloth and attach loop strip
    Loop strip can be adjusted within the first 30 minutes

  • 6. Assembly is complete

Installation Is Easy

Makes Carrying inside the waist band comfortable

  • Works with most IWB (Inside Waist Band) holsters
  • Made from top grade cowhide leather
  • Keeps body moisture away from holster
  • Made in the USA
  • Comfortable when sitting, walking or riding in a car or van
  • Comes with 2pc of loop sides so you can use with second holster
  • Uses hook & loop to easily attach to your holster
  • Hook strip is sewn onto The Body Shield
  • Holster can be used with or with-out attaching The Body Shield or removing loop strip from holster
  • 4 sizes available for semi-autos, mini, compact, medium, and full frames
  • 1 size available for J frame revolvers
  • Great for back up and off duty carry

Always unload the weapon when attaching The Body Shield to the holster